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Ginger morning!

Today I will share with you a recipe for a refreshing drink that helps to wake up in the morning to warm up when cold immunity and protect against colds. Ginger itself is incredibly useful, and in combination with honey, lemon and black tea - vitamin bomb for the health!

so, you will need:

* ginger (about 5 cm)
* 2 large spoons of black
* half a lemon
* Honey to taste

rub ginger, grated (this is very important, because the juice of ginger is used is better)
lemon cut into slices
rinse with hot water kettle, add the black tea and ginger. Cover with a warm towel or scarf (so that the heat remains inside).
After 5 minutes, add slices of lemon into the kettle (for 2 slices of leave to be added to a cup)
give it brew for 5 minutes
spill the hot ginger tea into cups, add a spoonful of honey (you can and more, as you wish)

                          Enjoy your tea :)

p.s. In the kettle can be re-pour the boiling water 2 more times.

                                       it is interesting

    In Burma, ginger and a local sweetener made from palm tree juice (htan nyat) are boiled together and taken to prevent the flu.
    In China, ginger is included in several traditional preparations. A drink made with sliced ginger cooked in water with brown sugar or a cola is used as a folk medicine for the common cold.[25] "Ginger eggs" (scrambled eggs with finely diced ginger root) is a common home remedy for coughing.[citation needed] The Chinese also make a kind of dried ginger candy that is fermented in plum juice and sugared, which is also commonly consumed to suppress coughing. Ginger has also been historically used to treat inflammation, which several scientific studies support, though one arthritis trial showed ginger to be no better than a placebo or ibuprofen for treatment of osteoarthritis.[12]
    In Congo, ginger is crushed and mixed with mango tree sap to make tangawisi juice, which is considered a panacea.
    In India, ginger is applied as a paste to the temples to relieve headache, and consumed when suffering from the common cold. Ginger with lemon and black salt is also used for nausea.
    In Indonesia, ginger (jahe in Indonesian) is used as a herbal preparation to reduce fatigue, reducing "winds" in the blood, prevent and cure rheumatism and control poor dietary habits.
    In Nepal, ginger is called aduwa, अदुवा and is widely grown and used throughout the country as a spice for vegetables, used medically to treat cold and also sometimes used to flavor tea.
    In the Philippines, ginger is known as luya and is used as a throat lozenge in traditional medicine to relieve sore throat. It is also brewed into a tea known as salabat.
    In the United States, ginger is used to prevent motion and morning sickness. It is recognized as safe by the Food and Drug Administration and is sold as an unregulated dietary supplement. Ginger water was also used to avoid heat cramps in the United States.
    In Peru, ginger is sliced in hot water as an infusion for stomach aches as infusión de Kión.

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