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lemon muesli

This real dainties for those, who on a diet and does not afford a chocolate and something like that. Delicious lemon-nut bar that yet besides is very useful turn out staggeringly! Simply well of vitamins, and as deliciously!


    dried apricot 100 gramme
    half of lemon
    3 spoons of honey
    walnut 40 gramme
    almond 40 gramme
    oatflakes or muesli(that is boiling 15 minutes) 1/2 glasses

1. A lemon it is good to wash down, cut on large pieces straight with a skin. To get all stones and grind up on pieces.

2. The dried apricot must be soft. If she is dry, then preliminary will bedabble her in boiling water. Then will grind up as well as lemon

3. Nuts also to grind up.

4. To mix up apricot, lemon, add honey, nuts and to thrash the flakes of oat-flakes. Prettily to mix.

5. To put mass on a roasting pan(smeared by a 1 spoon of oil) in an approximately 1 cm thick and it is good  to ram.

6. To put in an oven at a temperature 200 degrees on 15-20 minutes. To watch that did not burn slightly.

7. After to smuggle out of, shift on a foil, fully to wrap up in tape and prettily to ram to the dense state.

8. To clean in a refrigerator to the complete hardening on 3-4 hours.

9. To cut on long loaves

enjoy your meal!

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